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We manage the transport and the definitive removal of your vehicle (car, van, tractor, motorbike, public works machinery, etc).


We appraise your vehicle always giving you the best price.
The requirements for deregistration of your vehicle are
1.- Deliver the vehicle to our facilities. In case you cannot bring it by yourself, we will pick it up at no additional cost.
2.- Be in possession of the originals of the following documentation:
Driving licence
Road Permit
Technical inspection card
Technical sheet
If you do not have the original documentation of the vehicle, you must submit an affidavit of loss of documentation. (PDF-Sworn_Declaration)
3.- Present a photocopy of the ID card of the vehicle owner.
4.- In the event that the vehicle is to be cancelled by a person other than the owner, it is necessary, in addition to the original documentation, to be in possession of
Authorisation document signed by the owner of the vehicle and the person authorised to cancel it. (PDF-Model_of_Authorisation)
Photocopy of the ID card of the vehicle's owner and of the authorised person.
5.- In the event that the owner of the vehicle is a company, in addition to the original documentation, the following would be required
Photocopy of the company's CIF.
Photocopy of the DNI of the company's administrator.
Authorisation from the company to the person in charge of processing the cancellation if different from the administrator (PDF-Authorisation_Model).
Photocopy of the ID card of the authorised person
Document of representation of legal persons. (PDF-Model_of_Accreditation_of_Identity_for_Legal_Persons).
6.- In the event that the owner of the vehicle is deceased, the following documentation will be required
Technical sheet and vehicle registration certificate, both originals.
Photocopy of the deceased owner's ID card.
Photocopy of the Death Certificate.
Photocopy of the Will or Declaration of Heirs. In the event that these documents do not exist, a photocopy of the Family Book in which the owner and heirs appear would be sufficient.
Document of authorisation to the representative in charge of processing the cancellation, in which will appear the names of all the heirs, their ID numbers and their signatures. In the event that the person carrying out this procedure is different from the heirs, their name, DNI and signature must also appear on the document, as well as attaching a photocopy of their DNI.
In case you need any clarification
do not hesitate to contact us