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Terms and Conditions of Sale

The present General Conditions of Sale regulate the contractual relations between DESGUACES SAN CRISTÓBAL, S.L.U. and its customers, both parties accepting them without reservation. These General Conditions of Sale will prevail over all conditions appearing in any other document, except for prior, deliberate and written derogation by the company. The purchase of the materials is subject to the knowledge and acceptance of these conditions.
In DESGUACES SAN CRISTÓBAL, S.L.U., we want to offer you always the best service and that is why we are at your disposal in our facilities located in Carretera N-VI, km-266, in San Cristóbal de Entreviñas or in Avenida Federico Silva, nº 66 in Benavente, or through the telephones 980632414 or 980634751, from 9:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 19:00.
You can also visit our website or contact us at


Our policy for returning the amount of the products or exchanging them for others is specified in the following points and depends on certain conditions. In the following cases, the amount paid will be returned:
That the return is requested by a reliable means within 15 days after the purchase of the product directly in our facilities or in the case that the product has been sent to you, from the day you have received it.
That it is accredited that said product has already been paid for, by means of a ticket, invoice or proof of transfer.
That the product is already in our facilities.
That the product does not correspond to that requested by the customer.
That the product is not in optimum condition to be used.
In any case, the amount will only be refunded when it is not possible to repair or replace the purchased part with another of the same characteristics, so no refunds are made for any reason other than the impossibility of replacing or repairing a defective part.
If the return of a product for the amount paid or the exchange of the same for another one is made in our facilities, it is free of charge.
If the defective product has been sent by a transport company and you wish to exchange it for another or have the amount paid returned because there is no similar product in stock, the return costs will be paid by DESGUACES SAN CRISTÓBAL, S.L.U.
The products sold by DESGUACES SAN CRISTÓBAL, S.L.U. must be installed on the vehicles or systems recommended by the manufacturer, or by a competent person and under his responsibility. DESGUACES SAN CRISTÓBAL, S.L.U. could never be held responsible for the consequences of incorrect installation or the use of an unsuitable product on the vehicle.
When a deposit is given for the reservation of a product, and the client decides not to carry out the purchase of the product due to circumstances attributable to the client, the deposit given will be lost.
In the event that the product has been paid for and the customer no longer wants it for reasons attributable to the same customer, DESGUACES SAN CRISTÓBAL, S.L.U., may exchange the money delivered for a voucher (this is not valid for the delivery of deposits), always within 7 days after the purchase of the product.
These vouchers do not expire, so you can redeem and transfer them at any time.


For all Products purchased from DESGUACES SAN CRISTÓBAL, S.L.U., the Customer will benefit from the legal guarantee corresponding to each specific product.
In any case, DESGUACES SAN CRISTÓBAL, S.L.U. guarantees the customer that all its products will be of the nature, quantity and quality described in the corresponding Accepted Quotation and will comply with all the provisions of the legislation and provisions in force, both those of the EC and those of current Spanish law, will be free from substantial defects in the material and workmanship and will not be subject to any charge or respond to an illegitimate title.
In order to benefit from the guarantee, it is imperative to keep the purchase invoice of the Product.
The guarantees do not cover:
The replacement of consumables.
Abnormal use or use outside the recommended uses of the products.
Defects and their consequences linked to use not in accordance with the use for which the product is intended.
Defects and their consequences linked to any external cause.
Electronic materials due to the impossibility for the company to prove subsequent handling by the customer, once the product has been delivered. These are materials that are sold for reconditioning by specialised personnel, and at a price in accordance with this purpose.
The proof of the defect falls in any case on the customer.

Any claim under warranty will require the customer to prove that the material has been assembled by qualified personnel.

In the case of engines, the object of the guarantee is the engine that constitutes the sale, and not accessory elements such as turbos, injectors, or pumps, which have not been the subject of a separate invoice, and which the scrapyard has considered leaving in the object of the sale. In the case of automatic gearboxes, the change of the filter will be obligatory in order not to lose the right to guarantee.
The disappearance of the means of marking the materials cancels any guarantee.


We offer you three ways to place your order:
Through our online sales system that you will find on our website
By e-mail to
Or by telephone on 980 63 24 14, Monday to Friday mornings from 9:00 to 14:00 and afternoons from 16:00 to 19:00. On Saturdays we only attend in the mornings from 9:00 to 13:00.
We also offer you two forms of payment:
By bank card on line: secured transaction with the Pay Pal system.
By bank transfer: the order will be sent once the deposit has been made into the account number provided by any of the methods indicated in the purchase terms.


The delivery times of the orders are indicative since they depend on the time spent in the preparation of the same. Even so, products that are not collected directly from our facilities will take a maximum of 48 hours to reach their destination. If you wish to contract a faster delivery service, you must inform us so that we can contract it directly with the transport company.
In the event that the product to be delivered has to be transported by one of our vehicles, the delivery date will depend on the availability of the trips to be made by our drivers. In any case, you can determine this delivery date in our offices by calling 980 63 24 14 or sending an e-mail to
The products ordered will not leave our premises until they have been paid for.
In the event of an abnormal delay in the delivery of orders, the customer will be informed by e-mail or telephone. In the event that, due to force majeure, either party is unable to comply with its obligations under these General Conditions of Sale, the affected party shall inform the other party of the circumstances and the expected delay or other adverse effects for its execution as soon as possible.
The Customer shall acquire ownership of the products at the time of their delivery, but the risk over them shall be transferred as soon as they are shipped. It is therefore understood that the Products, with their original packaging, travel at the Customer's risk and expense.
The Customer undertakes to accept the Products on the date of their effective delivery and is in any case obliged to pay the corresponding price, if this has not already been done.
The unjustified refusal to accept the Products shall not exempt the Customer from payment of the same, nor from the shipping or transport costs. Therefore, no order may be returned unless it is in poor condition or does not correspond to what you had ordered.
The transport costs of returned consignments, wherever they may be, will be charged to the company when it is accredited by the Customer that the said Products are defective or do not correspond to those requested.
When, having returned a given product, the company can prove that there was no just cause for its return, the company may claim the price of the returned product as well as all the expenses arising from such return.
In the event that the Products need to be returned, such return must be made within 15 days of delivery. Any Product whose return has been requested by the customer but not carried out within this period will be without effect and will not be accepted by DESGUACES SAN CRISTÓBAL, S.L.U.
DESGUACES SAN CRISTÓBAL, S.L.U. could not be considered responsible for the non-delivery of the order in case of force majeure, strike of the transport services, or loss of the product due to flood, fire or theft in our facilities.

The Customer is solely responsible for the use and/or installation of the products, as well as for their correct storage and/or processing until said installation, thus exempting DESGUACES SAN CRISTÓBAL, S.L.U., from any claims for defective products or for errors in the products in the event that they have not been correctly installed or have taken a long time to be installed. 


Under no circumstances will the Client publish or use any brand, commercial name or logo of DESGUACES SAN CRISTÓBAL, S.L.U. without prior written authorisation from the latter.
Given that, in order to carry out the purchase or sale of any of our products, the Customer must provide DESGUACES SAN CRISTÓBAL, S.L.U. with certain personal data, DESGUACES SAN CRISTÓBAL, S.L. U undertakes to the Customer and guarantees compliance with all the obligations imposed by Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data, as well as the adoption of technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of such data, in accordance with the regulations on security measures, approved by Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December.


Any notification or communication to be made between the parties under the present General Conditions of Sale must be made or confirmed by e-mail, without prejudice to the parties' right to choose to send it by burofax or registered letter.


SCRAPYARD SAN CRISTOBAL, S.L.U. will in no case be responsible for the cost, charge or damage incurred as a result of any breach by the Customer of its obligations under these General Conditions of Sale, violation by the Customer of any law or regulation on consumer protection, health and public order, any direct or indirect damage, or any loss of income, profits or business expected by the Customer, even if the company has been warned by the customer of the possibility of such damage if these Conditions of Sale have not been respected by the customer.
In any case, any responsibility of DESGUACES SAN CRISTÓBAL, S.L.U. will be limited to the Spare Part or vehicle in relation to which such responsibility has been generated.

The Customer is solely responsible for the use and/or installation of the Products as well as for their correct storage and/or processing until said installation, being obliged, therefore, not to claim damages, expenses or returns from DESGUACES SAN CRISTÓBAL, S.L.U., or any of its workers, if this premise is not fulfilled.